Bloodline's Beginning Edit

He was once a guy who loves to do towering. He'd tower all day and all night. He was once a member of a towering guild named Talon and also Sangue. He strive hard to get the 1K hat but he is unfortunate that time. Then he got bored on towering, so he tried sparring. When he tried sparring, he was encourage to be more active in graal. Apparently he was also finding for a Sparring Mentor. He met a guy named Dra, he is willingly to train Seveade but his passion and determination isn't an acceptable for Seveade. Seveade, isn't genuine on his sparring styles and techniques. But he was also happy since he have learned lots of styles on sparring. Apparently, he sparred in the Battle Arena and bumped in with Paynius. Paynius told him that he has great potential in sparring, Paynius shared his knowledge about sparring to Seveade. Which allows Seveade to improve his sparring tactics.

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Bloodline's Outfit


Sehzan Era (1st Ever Military Guild I"ve joined) Edit

(Not yet finish)