Jack VipertonEdit


Jack Vivian Viperton was a player who was showed the game by a friend. He really enjoyed the game and started learning things about it such as shield codes. In early 2016, Jack who was known as Drake at that time, walked to a Gilnean rally. He became inspired by the rally and decided to join. In Gilnean was when his military career started. He learned formations and met a friend named Winston. He witnessed Germain leaving and the betrayal of Aizen. He fought the Battle of York when Aizen attack Reuss at Yorktown. After Gilnean disbaned he stopped playing.

Crusade of CrawfordEdit

Jack changed his name to Jack Y. Dunmore after Gilnean. He eventually came back on and found Germain online; he decided to chat with Germain. He eventually joined the crusade quickly rising up the ranks. He fought many battles in Crawford and eventually became a captain of the crusade. Jack also changed his name to Jack L. Viperton. He became a much better sparrer and became an extremely passionate officer.


When the Crawford disbanded and became the social guild CDP, Jack wanted a military for those who wanted it. He made a military called the Templars of Democracy and later changed it to CDP Military. He led CDP on a attack on Sarovia in destiny and succeeded.

State of AzlamEdit

When he didn't see enough action in CDP, he remained in CDP but also joined the State of Azlam.

Vivian RepublicEdit

Jack wanted to help his friend James make his new guild the Vivian Republic succeeded as a new military along with Atris.


Jack in the Vivian uniform.


Jack and the State of Azlam.


Jack in the Crusade Uniform.