How Rusix Started. Edit

Rusix began playing in 2011 to early 2012, Rusix began his path to where he is today by joining the Golden Knights led by Axe.

Guilds Rusix been apart with details Edit

Golden Knights-First ever guild


Rainspear Pheonix-Rusix was leader


Sehzan Legion-Was leader

Aurion-Was leader at one point in time

Nightfall Clan-Was once leader

Valeria-Not very active

Sacred-Currently most active in

Family Edit

Rusix follows a family name called Aurion, but not all members of his family follow this last name, Aurion means "Morning Strength", If a member has the word (Dead) it either means they are gone, Or quit a long time ago. Rusix follows a family name called "Aurion", which means "Morning Strength". Members of Aurion are below as well as family members who do not carry the Aurion name.

  • Yato Aurion-Brother
  • Raizo Aurion-Brother
  • Lucifer-Brother(Dead)
  • Sinnon-Wife
  • Shade-Father( May be around?)
  • Frost-son(Dead)
  • Aurora-Daughter(Dead)
  • Toxic-Son(Dead)


These are names or titles given to Rusix for events or achievements Rusix has gotten.

  • God Of Obliteration
  • Shadow Transcendalist
  • Prodigy of War
  • Lord Rusix (after breaking spar streak)

Personality + FactsEdit

Rusix is a overall carefree individual, While also being the more thoughtful of the 4 brothers, Rusix can also be a intellectual person with good memory while also mostly intellectual on the topic of war and fighting along with knowledge of many unfair advantages to overturn many fights

Small FactsEdit

  1. Rusix is currently 17 yrs old.
  2. There is no specific one place Rusix is found, Rusix wanders GraalClassic 24/7 and usually doesn't stay still.
  3. Rusix has deep hatred for ninja guilds.
  4. Rusix also dislikes steak 
  5. Favorite animal is a Raven due to its intelligence compared to most birds.
  6. Generally only fights unless attacked, or Yato or Raizo ask Rusix to join, Or relaxing at dojo or Arena.
  7. Favorite food is mostly anything Chicken, 
  8. Favorite colors are Red, But dislikes using that color feeling it doesn't work anywhere he'd like.
  9. Animal expert, And animal lover. 
  10. Rusix generally may not talk to you unless he knows you, As a way of getting you to go away.
  11. Rusix prefers Open warfare when he does fight, favorite weapon was explosive arrows(R.I.P)

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