History Of The Sehzan

The Beginning

Sehzan was founded in 2005 by a couple of graal players that like to spar and role play (kingdom/fantasy), The original leader of Sehzan was known by the name Seth, many that have known him in the past would know of his accomplishments, he is rumoured (unconfirmed) to have trained some members of Alumni, its fitting since Sehzan guide a lot of modern sparrers to get good in the Dojo before the Battle Arena. Seth was known for his skill in spar as well being a strict dictator in Sehzan, equally hated and respected by members in Sehzan, it is known by many members Sehzan became successful because of Seth and his rules that we still abide by even today.

The Balamb Island Era

Back in the day Sehzan used to settle in the spar room on Balamb island, they were idolised by many players including me (Paynius), they made spar look so cool in many aspects such as their uniform (black cloaks, katanas, etc) and the way they just claim the spar room for themselves