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This page is mainly for fun and is completely fictional, it is not official GraalClassic lore but just made by a fan. My name is Paynius and in my house i have 6 statues of different coloured warriors with the exact same helmet, this is when i decided to make a tally in the community to see which one was the most liked and the outcome was a total of 60 votes, the favourite out of all 6 was Grim, the master of death with a total of 23 votes to his name.

The Warriors Edit

Oro~ Master Of Trickery Edit


Usually when people enter my house and discuss with me about who could be the strongest out of all of them, Oro is nearly always the answer due to the fact that trickery can beat the other elemental warriors because of how sly it can be and how unpredictable. Although all of the warriors tend to wear armor, Oro is the only one to wear robes, this also makes sense due to the fact that trickery is normally done by assassins or rogues which wear light armor to battle.

Fury~ Master Of Rage Edit