The start of the Jimmies Edit

Long ago, A small group of graalIan's was running away from the lizardon group that wanted to kill them for stealing there gralats, The little noobs running away fast as fuck tripped over a random stick, They fell down a cliff and landed in a large ancient ruins. The noobs now escaped from the Lizardons looked around the ruins, Confused the noobs looked around at the statues, All 10 feet high and said the words " Jimmie" under it, Then out of no where they heard the Lizardons scream in the forest, the noobs scared and terrified ran up the mountain to see only all the Lizardons, Dead.

Encountering the Jimmies Edit

the noobs found a mount, a brown horse, The two noobs knew only one could ride because they both was pretty fat. And I mean fat the noob Spartan kicked the other the cliff, and the noob shoved a few bushes down the horses throat cuz that is what momma told him to do, He killed the horse as it suffocated on the bushes in its throat. Then outta no where, The ground shook, and the noob saw a pair of red eyes in the woods, The terrified noob shit his pants, And saw a Jimmie

Th jimmie stood 15 feet tall, Looked like Harambe, Had the Sharingan eyes, Was a super Saiyam God legend, Also had a death note, a pokeball, And had swords on it's side from attack on Titan.

the noob knew he was done for, He was screwed, then outta no where 98 more jimmies came to surround the noob. The noob said "I hope momma has enough soup to fix my life right now o~o holy shit"