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  • I live in Australia
  • I was born on November 26
  • My occupation is Fixing a broken community.
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  • Paynius

    Rusix Roast

    November 13, 2017 by Paynius

    aye my nwords its ya boi skinny PeePee here back @ it with another roast. to be honest i have been meaning to do this one for awhile now and I finally just decided to do it since i made a song about him so i hope you enjoyyyyy these tasty memes ya lil faggots.

    Warning the song is a joke and is made to be ironic to the main character its based on k.

    Rusixxxxx is a flat world believer he is a single minded little shitt anddd will believe anything he is tooolddd ohhHhHhHhH russssxxiiix you need to understanddd that turtle is slow and wolf is fast the bunny is moderately quick wanna test lesgooooooo stop being a fagggggoooooooot and actually test it to see what everyone is telling you.RoOoOsOcxx hOw yOu kNoW yOu wIiIlL nEvVeRR g3T ReELL sEeEx So…

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  • Paynius

    My Response Part Two

    October 30, 2017 by Paynius

    Yo fags its ya boy skinny dick paynius. Okay so just so you guys know this is a follow up to what i said previously hence the title stating itself as "part two". This one will be abit more fun as i wish to add some more spicy insults to your boy Carolus. This Part in particular will mainly be based on one topic in particular and i am going to pick apart what he says and has done, so here we go fags.

    So the first response i made was to basically sum up how he is a bad person and all of his points he made at attempting to debunk my given facts that i have stated in the past. Firstly since this is the Response i call out for his lies, lets take a look at the point he decides to say that when people farm in his guild house it's supposed to be s…

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  • Paynius

    My Response Part One

    October 30, 2017 by Paynius

    Okay guys so this ones gonna be abit more serious i mean usually i like to add abit of humour to this but really im trying to prove a point here so lemme update you all before i get down to business!

    So recently i have made a response to Johns comment on the military community as he called me out at the very end, i decided to attempt to make an intelligent debate with John rather than my usual immature like roasts that i do for fun since its the Internet. Well after writing it out with some poor grammar i admit, I decided to show my friend Jace who was a Sarovian at the time. He told me every point i made was 100% true now don't get me wrong not every Sarovian i showed this to agreed with me 100% but they did agree with me with one or more …

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  • Paynius


    September 24, 2017 by Paynius

    Hi guys its your boy skinny dick paynius man back at it again with another roast. Now this time it's a but personal but bitches be bitches amiright. My ex Mel Fuerza,(yes i online dated cause im a faggot but come on shes hot) cheated on me which I don't really give too many shits about i mean what can you expect most graal girls are hoes nowadays but what made me a tiny winy itty bit mad(not really i was pissed), this bitch decided to play the victim card as soon as I caught her red handed being a hoe, she didn't deny it cause i had actual evidence and my friend she was trying to hook up with helped me expose her good on you notorious "friend" but anyways back to this gay story. Mel decided to not show any regrets and took her anger of bei…

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  • Paynius

    The Carolus Roast

    September 19, 2017 by Paynius

    Disclaimer Notice, Dont read if you're a crybaby and just to make this clear, this is only my opinion and this "Roast" isn't associated with any specific faction as it's purpose is for the community and to possibly make some change in the community or make you laugh either way I'm making this enjoy.

    Hi it's your favourite faggot Paynius here back at it again about a year later or some shit. Well guys i know I said this Wikia wouldn't have cancer in it anymore but I've changed my mind as i want to bring all my new roasts of people I dislike in the community on the wikia. I'll try my best to actually make a logical argument and debunk any hypocrisy Carolus says without too many insults but sometimes a guy can't contain himself especially some…

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