Hi guys its your boy skinny dick paynius man back at it again with another roast. Now this time it's a but personal but bitches be bitches amiright. My ex Mel Fuerza,(yes i online dated cause im a faggot but come on shes hot) cheated on me which I don't really give too many shits about i mean what can you expect most graal girls are hoes nowadays but what made me a tiny winy itty bit mad(not really i was pissed), this bitch decided to play the victim card as soon as I caught her red handed being a hoe, she didn't deny it cause i had actual evidence and my friend she was trying to hook up with helped me expose her good on you notorious "friend" but anyways back to this gay story. Mel decided to not show any regrets and took her anger of being caught out to be a whore on me which was her downfall.

I decided to create a picture with a bunch of screenshots in it proving that she is a whore and guess what her reaction was yes yes she was playing the fucking victim card by saying "do what makes you happy" or "you just love harrassing people" (this bitch makes me mad with her hypocrisy, its almost worst than cucklord himself). For awhile i loved this hoe would've done anything for her yaknow but shit nigga she just made me so mad with her desperate plead for popularity and forced attention.

My fags, it came to the point when this bitch started to make things personal by using what she knew of me when we were dating and thats when i flipped. Everyday i always hear about her lying or talking shit behind my back so I finally did it, fuck this bitch. dm me for more info of what i did.

This concludes Mel's whore saga on my wikia she will never get the spotlight here on this website again I assure you lol. Gg bitch

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