aye my nwords its ya boi skinny PeePee here back @ it with another roast. to be honest i have been meaning to do this one for awhile now and I finally just decided to do it since i made a song about him so i hope you enjoyyyyy these tasty memes ya lil faggots.

Warning the song is a joke and is made to be ironic to the main character its based on k.

Rusixxxxx is a flat world believer he is a single minded little shitt anddd will believe anything he is tooolddd ohhHhHhHhH russssxxiiix you need to understanddd that turtle is slow and wolf is fast the bunny is moderately quick wanna test lesgooooooo stop being a fagggggoooooooot and actually test it to see what everyone is telling you.RoOoOsOcxx hOw yOu kNoW yOu wIiIlL nEvVeRR g3T ReELL sEeEx SoO yOu oOonLiNe D8 @ ThE aGe 0F 18 OoOOoooH hOw eMbaRRaSSInG iT mUuUsT bEeeE 2 BReEeEe UR pAAaREnTz oOhHhHhHH rUdSsiXx you laggyYyy faggoto learnnNnNnN that yoUuU r WrOnG 4 onNnCvE oOoOoOh RuSixXx yoUr SoOooOoO AuuUuttiIiSTIC you'll siIiT hErE anNd ExPplaiNn stUpiD ShIttT ThAT pPL mAkE fUn OF U AbOuT oOoOoOoH RuUuuSiXx HoOw IiIiIiI sOoOo wIshHg yOuUu weRReE a NooRmal LiIiItTle bOoOoY bUuuT yoU R NooOt yOuUu wereEe diagnOoOSed WiIiIthHhh AUTISMMMMMMM AnNnd nowyUo SpReAd uuR AutIsM onNnn the InteRrweBz OooOoOh HOooOw i deArLy WiIsH ThHat yOuUu RUUsocKs WiLL ActTtually cOmE tOoO ThE LogIcAL ConClUStIon ThAt EvErY1 iZ AlReAdY @ DoOoOoO doOOoOoO dOoOoOoOo rUuUuDsiXXx wHyYy doOo yOuU dUuU thIissSS WhYyYy R UUuU ThIisSs BrAiNdEEd yOu dUmB FaGGoT!DoOoOoOo DooOoOoO DoOoOoOoO

this has been the Rusix song.

Edit; 19/11/2017

Rusix finally admits that he is wrong and the world is now a little less autistic.