The Creation Of The Wiki


This wiki was created to replace the dying Graal Military Wiki, as it was cancerous and without proper authority and leadership. A wiki where players (one player really) decide to make rant articles with more than 1000 words or the fact that the community itself is so toxic that i myself have picked out the unspoiled bunch and made an Alliance with them, that being the GA (Grand Alliance)

Sol Fessler( The literal meaning to autism itself)

Honestly if Fessler was truely gone from Graal in general i think it would be a less toxic place, all this guy ever does is repeat the same arguement over and over again but changing the words differently each time, its honestly stupid how this guy has the most retarded social skills but manages to stay around, like seriously no one likes this guy but he will never get the point. The fact that hes so up himself to make himself king of "The Graalian Empire" and not have any soldiers to defend all the land he claims is just retarded and to any of you reading this now, expect the star of the show Sol Fessler himself to be making an appearance and say something really stupid, its likely he'll say we are not a real military even though ive stated that we are and defeated him multiple times in war, its the fact that Sehzan has the respect of multiple communitys because it isnt just in the Military Community, its in the Spar community as well which triggers the shit out of Fessler cause his army of noob warriors cant beat trained sparrers. Fessler has made multiple empires such as Bastilles, Royalcutz(retarded ass era wannabe gang), Avalon which was the most cancerous and had to be deleted immediately from graal and now our boy Fessy is the King of the stupid ass Graalian empire which cant even hold land for shit


Honestly Chaing had a good point and there was no other good way to put it, then Fessy has to go from 1 to 9001 in Autism megadrive mode and come up with the most retarded shit that doesnt even make a point let alone make sense Source:


Autism follows on kiddies